Released: 5th April 2024

Duration: 10.38

Release Source: Digital

Genres: Alternative

Track List:
The Death Of Pop Music
On My Mind
My Craft
In The Keep

"I'm keen for all our fans to listen to our sophomore multi-track release. Our new EP is something borrowed, something new and is bursting with tales penned in recent years. A rocky path winds through the urban forest. From the darkest corners to sunny days, there's sometimes a sinister side in play. Life's what you make it, but often life can mould you. Take a closer look - In The Keep." - Jayne Murphy

IN THE KEEP review by Edwin Garland 
In The Keep - Flowers for Jayne (released by Glowing Ember Records)
Flowers for Jayne have been floating around for the last couple of years with their melodic power-pop blended with James Williamson-style, blazing guitar shredding. 
The band is led by ex-Lime Spider, Jayne Murphy, whose background from Sydney’s western suburbs carried with it a staple diet of KISS, Cheap Trick and the cooler sounds of Australian indie-noisy guitar greatness.
Jayne has one part of the pedigree of a great rock ‘n’ roller – she’s an outsider with her own personal tribulations behind her. She has always relied on music to keep going. 
“In the Keep” is a blistering four-track CD EP and a helluva slab, clocking in at just over 10 minutes with no fat or excess. It was recorded by drummer Stuart Wilson (New Christs, Chris Masuak’s Dog Soldier, Lime Spiders, Leadfinger, The Crisps) in the perfect setting of his Stu Stu Studio.
What stands out immediately is the sharp, punchy drum sound on the first track “The Death of Pop Music”. It opens with Jayne’s chunky power pop riffing with her Les Paul and lashings of harmony. The Flowers For Jayne trio sounds like a powerful rock machine. 
“On My Mind” follows suit with the solid drumming of Peter Timmerman and bass playing of Kevin Riddle. In “My Craft”, Jayne really bellows and rattles off phrases and words that are jammed in with a melodic hook. This glorious piece has more to offer in just over two minutes than most bands manage to deliver over an album. It has an in-your-face guitar sound and wah wah pedal work that sounds like Ron Asheton on steroids. The stand-out track for sure.  
“In The Keep” (to use a pun) is a keeper, and another nod to the classic Sydney 1980s guitar underground sounds but with a modern sonic take. It sounds as fresh and energetic as a bunch of 22-years-olds bursting out of a garage. The four tracks have been sharply mixed by Anton Hagop (Silverchair, Powderfinger, Birds Of Tokyo) at A-Side Productions with lots of clarity in the mastering by Ernie O (Chris "Klondike Masuak, The Hitmen DTK, Screaming Tribesman) at his Urban Fringe Compound.
This is great rock 'n' roll made by an outsider. What I get from this record is a helluva lot of passion. Flowers For Jayne fires on all fronts.

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